So what if I told you that you could swap out that nasty tasting mouth wash for a flavorful Malbec would you do it? How about your favorite Rose? What if I said it might even prevent plaque or a sore throat. An article popped on my Facebook feed today that was actually published in April of this year by Maxim. In it they are discussing the benefits of wine one of which happens to be killing germs in your mouth that cause plaque and even sore throats.

If you are wondering if this is a new discovery the answer is, No. Apparently this article I saw references a study done in 1988. The study they talk about looked at the antibacterial properties in all kinds of different drinks. Wine, beer, skim milk even water were studied and it was found that wine was a great disinfectant for bad mouth germs. This finding led them to conclude that wine could also be an aid for fighting the common sore throat.

Now that sore throat season is upon us I figured I would help put this theory to the test. My plan is to visit wineries in the Hudson Valley and stock up for the colder weather. This way I am sure not to run out of any wine over the fall and winter hopefully resulting in me going without a sore throat this season. I will update you with my study results as the colder weather progresses.

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