Oh, Newburgh. At least you tried.

Like most people in the Hudson Valley and beyond I spent about 2 weeks watching hysterical videos of people try to climb stacks of milk crates and fail on YouTube and social media.

The #MilkCrateChallenge is where you try to leap across stacks of empty milk crates. It started out as a trending video on Tik Tok but quickly took the world by storm. Some were even debating on whether it should be a sport featured in the next Olympic events. Ass dumb as the videos are and as dumb as the people who are attempting them seem you have to admit that it does seem like the challenge does take a lot of courage and a little bit of athletic prowess. There may be a dash of stupidity to throw in there as well.

I still want to know where the heck people are getting all of these milk crates from. Where in the Hudson Valley can one find over a half a dozen milk crates.

I think Newburgh might have missed the memo about how to do the challenge or maybe they do things a little differently.

All this talk of milk crates reminded me of my first trip to downtown Newburgh. I was puzzled when I noticed that people were placing milk crates in the trees along main street.

I thought maybe it had some significance behind it. I was shocked when I found out why they were really there. They were just chairs for people to sit down and pan handle.

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