Something a lot of people don’t realize about when a building or a business goes up for sale is that it doesn’t mean they will be closing immediately. In fact it could be months or even years until they find the right buyer, and many businesses will stay open doing what they do until the sale goes through. Such is the case with The Anchor on Broadway in Kingston.

There were articles written about the fact that The Anchor building and business were going up for sale. Immediately rumors started flying that The Anchor was closed or closing soon. Turns out that The Anchor is open for business. The Anchor’s Brandy Walters heard from 3 people in one week that The Anchor was closed. She should know, and she says The Anchor is definitely open. 

Her quote on Facebook reads like this. “We are very much open and even looking to hire more people. We have the business and building up for sale.  But that all takes time and we have zero intentions of closing the doors until any sale has been closed. The Anchor and myself will be sure to promptly post any changes as soon as they come to light.”

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. The next time you hear about a building or a business for sale, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean the business is closed. I’m sure that as long as they’re serving, they’d love to have you come in for a meal. So, stop by The Anchor and show them a little love.

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