If you say yes, where should it be located?

If you live in the Hudson Valley at one time or another you have been caught up in traffic trying to cross one of the 3 or 4 bridges in our area due to an accident or construction.

The bridges that I deal with mostly include the Kingston Rhinecliff, Mid Hudson, and the Newburgh Beacon bridges and there is nothing worse than trying to cross the Mid Hudson Bridge from Poughkeepsie to Highland when they are changing it from 2 lanes down to one or trying to cross the Newburgh Beacon bridge on a Friday around 5:30 p.m., talk about traffic. UGH!

What could make the Hudson Valley flow better?

I know, probably better drivers, right? I don't think the quality of drivers will ever change here in the Valley but another thing that could help is adding a new bridge.

Now before you start yelling about taxes and having to pay for it, I have not seen any plans that say this will ever happen, let's try to come up with the "where" the bridge should be located.

Where Would You Put Another Bridge in the Hudson Valley?

I think a new span would work on the Dutchess County side of the Hudson River from say Staatsburg, over the river to Ulster Park. How about you, where do you think a new bridge would work in the Hudson Valley?

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