I can't believe I have to write an article about this.

There is a viral video of a guy clearing snow using a flame thrower. In case you don't know this already, don't do that. According to Erie News Now, an expert has confirmed that you should NOT use a flame thrower to remove snow.

Not only is it dangerous, because the average person doesn't know how to operate a flame thrower, but it also isn't really effective. Mathieu Sanders, of Got Trigger defense and training company, says that a flame thrower isn't the best for snow removal despite the viral video, according to Erie News Now.

Sanders says that the flames don't really remove the snow, as reported by Erie News Now. Sanders said the flames lose their effectiveness in the cold temperatures. If you use a gas and flame thrower combo, Sanders said it really just burns the snow, and slightly melts it but the temperature then turns it to ice.

So in case you still don't understand it, do NOT use a flame thrower to remove snow.

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