A horrifying video is going viral of a security guard taking desperate measures to stop a violent fight at a concert in Newburgh.

We went almost 2 years without live music. Most of us want to get back to the way things were at live music venues. Remember when biggest complaint you had at a live concert was how much it cost for a bottle of water? Now we have to deal with proof of vaccinations, a negative COVID test, getting hit in the head or even having a gun pulled out.

Many were shocked to hear that back in August a violent altercation erupted during an El Fantasma concert at the Newburgh Armory Unity Center.

YouTube: conociendo Nueva York 2020

We don't know what led up to the events in the video but t appears that the crowd turned on the security guards and began throwing what looked like full beer cans at them at full force.

YouTube: conociendo Nueva York 2020

One man in a security a neon security shirt pulled out what seemed to be a loaded firearm and pointed it in the air. That did not seem to quell the mob. The team of security slowly retreats to a safer location.

As crazy as the video is to watch the fight wasn't much of a surprise to people who have attended a show at that concert before. It doesn't seem to be a one-time event for this concert venue. There are many violent fights posted on YouTube that were allegedly filmed at this very location.

Here's the disturbing video that was supposedly taken at the El Fantasma show in August.

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