Who would have thought that one of Ed and Lorraine Warren's most sinister supernatural cases took place just a short drive from my house?

I love watching scary movies and not just during the month of October. I fiend for them all year round. When I heard they were making a 3rd Conjuring movie I was extremely excited as I loved the first two films.

The films revolve around a married couple who hunt down supernatural phenomenon and exercise demons. I had no idea that most of Ed and Lorraine Warren's cases occurred here on the east coast and a short drive from the Hudson Valley. The most notable stories took place in New York and Connecticut. The Warren's house has been turned into a museum and displays many of their demonic findings that they have collected over the years.

The Amityville Horror took place on Long Island. The killer recently died inside of a Hudson Valley Prison. The famous haunting that took place in the Snedeker house inspired the film, A Haunting in Connecticut and was inspired by event that took place in Southington which is just under two hours from the Hudson Valley.

Though I am a fan I do approach these movies with a sense of skepticism. However, this latest film seemed more real and much more disturbing. The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It isn't like the other films. It may feel that way because it was centered around a real killing and one that took place so close to home at that.

I won't spoil the film is based on a real case that was nicknamed "The Devil Made Me Do it" Case. The incident occured in Brookfield Connecticut and the famous trial took place in Connecticut's Superior Court Danbury.

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