Imagine sweating, burning calories, and feeling good without having to move? It almost sounds like something too good to be true. This was my exact thought before I tried an infrared sauna pod.

Thankfully, there's always new technology being created in order to make our lives easier for the most part. I remember when waist trainers were in, to help you create an hourglass shape. If we wanted to take a step back in time, we can reminisce on shake weights and their popularity. There have been cool gadgets to help us achieve our ultimate fitness goals.

More than ever, saunas have become popular again.


We can thank social media for that. It's been recommended to hop into the sauna after a workout or early in the morning before you start your day. We then remember all of the benefits over the years. We may not always have the time to do so which can be difficult.

I have had the opportunity of watching a locally owned business, here in the Hudson grow, expand and educate the community. With this experience, I have been able to take better care of myself with the available services that are within reach.

Jacklyn Rose Skincare is well known throughout the Hudson Valley, especially being voted as The Readers Choice Top Day Spas in 2019 & 2022. You may have seen videos online of their Hydrafacial and DiamondGlow services. Jaclyn herself created Jaclyn Rose Studios and gave life to the village of Montgomery, New York.

There are several different businesses under one roof which makes for a self-care day, very easy. From JW Hair Design to Alyssa Bella Massage and LeDoux Aesthetics, you could hop from one room to another to receive a full day of relaxation (on my to-do list).

I was so interested when I saw that they had a sauna pod in which I knew I had to try it.

What is an infrared sauna pod?

Jaclyn Rose
Jacklyn Rose

This pod has a futuristic look to it in which you lay in, close the top half over yourself, and leave your head sticking out. The bed will then light up which produces red infrared light rays throughout. You can choose the vibration setting, the temperature, and more.

I liked this pod because it didn't have the overpowering feeling of a sauna, it felt controlled and relaxing. There are many benefits from it, I felt as if I had more energy from burning calories. It can aid in lowering stress, detoxify the body, and assist with blood circulation.

Jaclyn Rose
Jaclyn Rose

My session was pretty neat and I didn't want to get out in which I had to share because I have never experienced anything like this before. As they always say, work smarter, not harder!

I also spotted a traveling sauna here in the Hudson Valley. Click here to read the story and see pictures of it.

Will you try this sauna pod or have you heard of it? Share with me below.

Jacklyn Rose Skincare, Jacklyn Rose Studios

105 Ward St, Montgomery NY 12549

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