The popular restaurant and bar Darby O'Gills has responded after their liquor license was suspended Wednesday. The State Liquor Authority, along with Dutchess County Sheriff's and representatives from the DMV issued more than 70 violations related to underage drinking on November 30th.

In a letter posted outside the establishment, Darby's recognizes the seriousness of the charges but has also taken a number of steps to deter the use of fake ID's. Their staff has all been trained and is NYS certified and installed a state of the art security system with high-resolution cameras that photograph all ID's when entering.

As technology has improved, it has gotten easier to produce fake ID's. It's gotten to the point where even the police have a hard time picking out a fake. In this situation and others, authorities invite the DMV who have access to a scanner that is not made available publicly.

We sincerely respect the work of the NYS Liqour Authority. No one understands more than us the difficult task they face every day. We are anxious for the court hearing to clear our good name. We apologize to our family, friends and customers that we cannot give more details regarding this situation due to our legal counsel's request not to disclose evidence at this time.


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