A milk sold in the Hudson Valley and Brooklyn is being recalled.

In a press release the New York State Department of Agriculture announced that Pasteurized Whole Organic Milk, Whole Organic Milk Greek Yogurt and Whole Organic Milk Leben which is made by Pelleh Farms Inc and is located in Swan Lake is being voluntarily recalled.

The recall is due to improper pasteurization. Proper pasteurization heats the milk to get rid of bacteria, such as Listeria and Salmonella.  Fortunately, no illnesses have been reported.

The press release explains that the products were sold in Brooklyn and Orange County under the name Bethel Creamery.  According to the press release these are the products that were recalled and their code information:

The Whole Milk was packaged in a 64-fluid ounce, plastic container that bears the code dates of: USE BY NOV 29 through USE BY DEC 07 2018. The Greek Yogurt was packaged in 5.3 oz. plastic cups and the Leben was sold in 6 oz. plastic cups. The Greek Yogurt and Leben container code dates are USE BY DEC 14 and 15 2018.



Questions about the product should be directed to Rafoel Franklin at (845) 583-6059.

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