Cracker Barrel has added a few new options to their menus, and it's got people online talking (and even arguing). NBC says that the restaurant chain now has a few items on their menu that will make the establishment a little more inviting to vegetarians. Yes, Cracker Barrel has gone plant-based. The new changes will available at their Hudson Valley restaurant in Fishkill.

NBC says that Cracker Barrel will now offer Impossible™ Sausage as part of their breakfast options. The company shared the news on their Facebook page that they were encouraging customers to "discover new meat frontiers". Impossible™ the California company that makes plant-based substitutes for meat products. They're , known for the Impossible Burger, and would later team up with other establishments such as Burger King.

Impossible™ also expanded by using plant-based substitutes for other animal products likes sausage and chicken.

Regular sausage will still be available on the menu.

New York Mans Sues Over Bigger Beef

This guy has beef with a couple of major food chains. Or maybe it's another case of "Where's the beef?" One New York state man feels that two fast-food giants are skimping out on the size of their burgers. And of course, we all know what happens in today's world when the slightest little thing doesn't go someone's way. You sue.

Meat Shrinkage

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Reuters is reporting that a Suffolk County man is suing both McDonald's and Wendy's for defrauding customers by making their menu items look way bigger in advertisements than in real life. The man accuses both chains of using undercooked beef patties in their ads to make their burgers look 15% to 20% larger than what they really are. Well, people have been known to lie about size.

Reuters says the man had ordered a Big Mac from McDonald's and the Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's when he noticed how little beef he was really getting. The proposed class-action suit was filed in May 2022 in a Brooklyn federal court.

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