For years, Hudson Valley, Carmel Hamlet, and New York City residents have trusted Jonna Spilbor Law with their trickiest legal issues, from personal injury to family law to criminal defense. Jonna Spilbor herself has offered legal perspective on numerous national television and radio talk shows with Fox News, News Nation, the Law & Crime network, and more too many times to count.

Fox News
Fox News

Now the firm is tackling an injustice in New York State with a federal class action lawsuit that alleges state Covid-19 mandates led to 15,000 nursing home deaths. If you lost a loved one to Covid-19 while they were staying in a nursing home in 2020, you may be able to join the lawsuit and receive compensation for your loss.

The firm has filed the lawsuit, which is now pending, so time is of the essence, and they want to qualify potential plaintiffs as soon as possible. To learn more, visit or call 845-485-2529.

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