You can just about order anything to be delivered to your house nowadays, gourmet food, clothes, coffee, medication and now one home delivery company is getting ready to offer home delivered COVID-19 test kits.

You don't need me to tell you that COVID-19 is still a risk, it is, and with that in mind the people over at DoorDash have announced that to try and make thigs easier for people to get tested for the virus from home they are set to offer test kits that can be sent straight to your front door.

DoorDash has announced that starting in the next few months they will offer customers the option to have COVID test kits sent to the house. The at-home testing is being done to help with some guidelines that have been put in place for people to start sending their kids back to school, attend live events including sporting events and such. Some places will require folks to show a negative test result in order to be allowed into schools or inside any venue.

The food delivery company will offer customers in 12 markets including Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, and more two options to choose from when ordering tests. One will be a saliva test from Vault Health and the other option will be a lower nasal swab test from the company Everlywell. Test will cost somewhere around $119 and should be covered by most insurance companies.

DoorDash hopes that this option will, "offer even more convenience to customers as they eliminate the need to make a trip to a testing facility, or wait in long lines at the pharmacy or grocery store" according to their website.

New York is not one of the markets rolling out the option just yet, but DoorDash did say that they will be offering this service in more markets soon.

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