Wouldn’t it be great if every child had the opportunity to not only listen to music, but to also get a musical education?  That is the goal of of the Music Matters program. To provide underprivileged Hudson Valley children with access to musical instruments.

I think almost every memory I have is attached to a song, an album, a concert.  Even when I was too young to understand it, music was a part of my life. My only regret is I never learned to play an instrument. I have seen first hand how playing an instrument can change a life. Even save a life. Much like a sports program might save an athletic but wayward kid's life. I saw it with many of my friends growing up. Music really does matter.

Right now we’re accepting nominations of children who have expressed an interest in music and could benefit from access to a musical instrument. For more information and to nominate a child, visit wpdh.com.

Child Playing Keyboards
Cindy Ord /Getty Images

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