There might be another scam that's hitting the Hudson Valley, this time focusing on Central Hudson clients. The company recently reached out customers to warn them about a new tactic that might be used to steal personal information.

Central Hudson Warns of New Scam in the Hudson Valley, NY

After numerous reports from customers, Central Hudson recently addressed an alleged scam here in the Hudson Valley. It involves a salesperson showing up at your door claiming to work for Central Hudson. The problem starts when they ask to see a recent bill.

What's the Deal?

"Please be advised", their warning to customers began. "Many customers have recently reported concerns about energy salespeople coming to their home and falsely claiming to represent Central Hudson". The biggest risk, they say, is that if you comply with their request to look at a recent bill, they have a nefarious method of stealing your personal information.

Dangers of Hudson Valley, NY Scam

Central Hudson says that by reviewing your bill, which contains your customer account number, the "salespeople" may be able to cancel your Central Hudson account and enroll you in another program without your knowledge or consent. They also used this opportunity to remind customers that Central Hudson sales representatives never make house calls, especially unannounced. They urged the public to "note the visitor's ID information and report the incident to police". Several Hudson Valley residents have taken to Facebook to report similar incidents.

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"Heads up that there are people going around door to door claiming to be with the energy company and asking to see your Central Hudson bill. They are wearing a shirt with a lightning bolt symbol on it and a badge lanyard around their neck to look legit", warned a Beacon resident. Other community members weren't so sure that it was a scam. "Probably work for a solar company just a fyi", offered another commenter.

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