After months of frustration, it looks like the company is going in a new direction. Many people across the Hudson Valley have voiced their concerns about the billing system at Central Hudson.

Lately, you haven't been able to go into any local community group without seeing posts about how outraged customers are about their bills being so high and not understanding what's been going on. However, a big change in the company might lead to some answers.

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What Has Been Going On with Central Hudson?

Central Hudson Facebook/Canva
Central Hudson Facebook/Canva

Everything in our world has become so expensive and it really has impacted the cost of living. Central Hudson did warn customers that there would be increases in bills, but many people feel the increased rates haven't made sense.


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According to sources, there was even a 60% increase from August to September. Many customers have posted their bills online and have demanded answers on why some have been almost double what they normally pay and what's going on with the reported flawed billing system. Customers have even been reaching out to County Executives to find out more.

CEO Change at Central Hudson:

Today, Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger released a statement saying how Fortis/Hudson CEO Charles Freni has resigned and how she hopes the change of management will unwind some of the alleged damage that has been done.

She is also calling on Central Hudson to take full responsibility for its failures, fix all customer billing errors, end the practice of estimated billing and more.

Central Hudson's Facebook Post:

According to the Central Hudson Facebook Page, the Board of Directors has appointed Christopher M. Capone as the company's new President and Chief Executive Officer and this is effective immediately. The post also mentioned that one of the top priorities will be addressing the frustrations that some customers have felt from the new billing system.

Capone said, "there are more than 1.100 dedicated and talented professionals at our company who work tirelessly to deliver safe and reliable energy to their neighbors in communities throughout the mid-Hudson Valley. As the new CEO, I will work to support them so they in turn can support our customers."

Here's to hoping we get more answers.

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