An update to the nationwide romaine lettuce recall has been released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

On Monday, November 26, the CDC released an updated recall for its original romaine lettuce recall. Originally, the recall said do not eat any romaine lettuce and to throw out any romaine you had.

Now, the CDC is saying it is okay to eat romaine as long as it is not from certain regions. The CDC says that people should not eat and restaurants should not serve romaine from the Central Coastal growing regions of northern and central California. If you do not know where your romaine is from, do not eat it.

The CDC says that romaine will be labeled soon with where it was grown and harvested. However, they do note that it may take some time before these labels are available. In addition, Hydroponically or greenhouse-grown romaine lettuce has not been linked to the E. Coli outbreak.

A similar outbreak happened in Spring 2018 when, once again, all romaine lettuce was recalled for E. Coli contamination.

To answer the question is it safe to eat now: partly, yes.

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