The gruesome attempt of animal cruelty took place in Greene County.

If you are a dog lover, heck if you are human, the following information may be a bit hard to read through as some of the details are down right gruesome, but it's important to shine the light on something so awful in hopes that it never happens again.

According to NBC News 13, a Greene County woman from the town of Cairo, has been accused of trying to decapitate her dog with a sword. Investigators from the Greene County Sheriff's Office are alleging that Pauline Waldron not only tried to decapitate her dog with a sword, she also stabbed the dog several times.

After assaulting the dog, police are saying that Waldron then allowed the injured, helpless female dog to suffer from its injuries for about eight hours. Once investigators arrived on the scene of the animal cruelty complaint they rushed the injured dog to the Catskill Animal Hospital for "delicate" life saving surgery. The dog did make it through surgery and doctors are hopeful that she'll make a full recovery.

Investigators reported that five other dogs were found at Waldon's residence and those animals were seized and taken to the ColumbiaGreene Human SocietySPCA.

Waldon was charged with one count of aggravated animal cruelty and after being charged, she was released on her own recognizance. Police did say that more charges and arrests are likely in this case once their investigation is finished.

One man, who identified himself to News 13, as Waldon's husband, said all of the charges and claims are all false. He declined to comment further. Waldron is due back in town court at a later date.

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