There are times when you are super excited about starting something. Maybe it is a home repair or renovation, getting a new car, or starting a new fitness regime. There are times when you start to second guess things, can you do anything about it?

What about if you are no longer physically able to spend time in a fitness center or gym? What if you find that you have to move many miles away and it is no longer convenient to go to that particular gym? Can you do anything about this?

Can you cancel your health club or gym membership in New York State?

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Yes, there are certain times when you can cancel your gym or health club membership. When are those circumstances and how can you cancel? The 'when can you cancel' are the following:

  • Have you become significantly disabled for a period of six months or more?
  • You move more than 25 miles from one of the center's locations
  • The services of the gym, or the reason that you picked that gym, no longer exists. For example, if you started there because they had a particular fitness class, they now no longer offer any classes. That is a reason to legally cancel.
  • Your family (or estate) can cancel the contract as well, and no longer owe any monies for the term of the contract (which is usually an annual contract).

So how do you go about trying to cancel your membership in New York State?


You will need to notify your gym or fitness club via mail, within 3 business days of the initial contract, or when any of the above circumstances take place. In the document that you submit to the facility, according to the NY State law on Health Clubs, you will need to cancel the contract in writing and do the following:

Notice of cancellation shall be delivered by certified or registered United States mail at the address specified in the contract. 

If you are canceling within the first 3 business days, the company then has up to 15 business days to return your initial payment. If you are canceling for any of the above-listed other reasons, you will also need to cancel in writing and then provide proof of that particular situation.

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