Taking a hot, Epsom salt at the end of the day is an absolute must. This has been my form of self care for years. If you haven't tried it yet, I promise that it will make a difference in your nightly routine.

Hot baths or Epsom salt baths can help you sleep better, relieve muscle pain, minimize stress and assists with cold symptoms. Soaking in one of these can also help with anxiety and depression.

I enjoy how these soothing baths can quiet my mind, which is a treat for the end of the day and winding down at night.

However, when was the last time you took a bath in a butter barrel?

If you have done this already, I'm quite shocked. I have yet to take a bath in a butter barrel but this is now on my list of things I would love to experience.

An upstate, NY fantasy motel has made it possible to take a bath in a butter barrel.

This popular hot spot is known for many things but most importantly, how you can relax in a barrel that was once used for making butter.

How did this happen?

The owners of this popular motel share an extensive amount of history with their guests. The couple who owned the sites where their motels exist, used to make money from butter. In the 1800's, the previous owners used to manufacture these barrels to local farmers who were in need to store their butter in. They also helped transport the barrels and amounts of butter from their location to New York City.

Bathing in their "Fabulous Firkin room" sounds fun.

This room was available in May, 2022 however, you can check availability to see when the next opening will take place.

This luxurious motel offers endless amounts of amenities for their guests and this one tops it off.

The Roxbury Motel brings an experience like no other in guests travels. My trip and time at this unique motel is one of those, "You must have to experience for yourself to understand". 

 Owners of the Roxbury Motel describe guests stay to be similar to "If Alice in Wonderland married Willy Wonka and set up residence in Oz." How fun!

From staying in unique themed style rooms/suites to exploring the waterfall and trails and lastly, taking in the beauty of the nature that surrounds both properties, you could never be bored.

I almost felt like I was in a different world when staying in one of their rooms/suites.

Before arriving, be sure to choose what kind of room suits you. From Tower Cottages at Stratton Falls to the Mansion Rooms at Stratton Falls and lastly, the rooms at The Roxbury Motel.

Where is the Roxbury Motel located?

Located in Roxbury, NY, it'll feel as if you have escaped to a picture, perfect little town.

I had the opportunity to stay in The Wizard's Emeralds room which was Wizard of Oz themed. I was completely blown away at the attention to details in the room. From the stunning yellow brick road, to the ruby slippers, the green bed and walls, it was breathtaking. It was relaxing to lay in bed and stare at the beauty within this room and of Emerald City which was created for Wizard of Oz lovers.

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Who should visit the Roxbury Motel?

This setting seems to fit everyone's needs. Whether it's a solo trip to unwind, a girls getaway to celebrate or an intimate night away, each room is catered to a specific theme. There's also a chance to explore and learn about the history of the grounds.

Roxbury Motel

2258 Co Rd 41, Roxbury, NY 12474

Have you been to this location before? Will you visit The Roxbury Motel? Share with us below.

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