Thought the chicken sandwich craze was over? Not any time soon. Now, Burger King is stepping up with their own fowl creation. PIX 11 reports that the Ch'King chicken sandwich will arrive in all Hudson Valley and nationwide BK locations June 3. The fast food franchise has been planning this move for a while, as the Ch'King had been being tested in select locations since late 2020. Should Popeye's take notice yet? Maybe this will help level the rising price of chicken across the area?

So, what makes this so special when compared to the seemingly endless amount of other fast food chicken sandwiches? Burger King says it's all about how they hand-bread the chicken. The Ch'King is described as being a hand-breaded chicken fillet, with pickles and a “savory signature sauce” on their toasted potato bun. Haven't we heard this before? But there's also the Spicy Ch’King too! The hand-breaded part is basically the equivalent of how they market their flame broiled burgers. It's fast food chicken, but it's a different kind of fast food chicken.

Well, it was bound to happen. People have been making such a big deal about these chicken sandwiches.. First, it was Popeyes and then Chick-fil-A. Then, you had Wendy's and KFC  Is this what America really needs, as many of us are already breaking bathroom scales into a million pieces? Apparently so. Even Taco Bell, which doesn't even serve sandwiches or burgers, said they had some sort of "chicken sandwich" thing on the way. Mickey D's already rolled out their three new chicken sandwiches back on February 24.

Hasn't Burger King already had their own chicken sandwich for years? Sure, but it's not the Ch'King chicken sandwich. And guess what? CNN says that if you purchase the new Ch'King from June 3 until June 20 through Burger King's website or app, you will get a free Whopper too. America. F*** yeah!

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