Who knew that events that took place right in our own backyard could have altered the outcome of the Revolutionary War?

American History could have been drastically changed all beginning right here in the Hudson Valley. I love history and even this one surprised me.

At one time Benedict Arnold was a hero and a well respected figure in the Continental Army but there are several names that no one likes to be referred to as and Benedict Arnold is right there at the top of the list. Benedict Arnold is a name that's synonymous with betrayal.

Have you ever wondered why that is and even more interestingly, have you ever wondered where this famous betrayal took place?

It turns out that West Point played a pivotal role in the famous disloyalty.

According to History, Benedict Arnold took command over West Point in 1780. It was just a fort at that time as it was not established as a military academy until the early 1800s. Arnold was in communication with British forces and cut a deal to hand over control of West Point to the enemy in exchange for money and a high ranking position in the British army.

Later, the leader who Arnold made his deal with was captured and killed. Arnold fled to England and later died after only receiving a small fraction of what he was offered for his betrayal.

It's crazy to think that if West Point had been taken there's a good chance we all might be using the metric system and saying aluminum with a weird accent.

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