No really he was at Billy Joe's Ribworks.

It has been an interesting last couple of days for me when it comes to meeting famous people.

Yesterday on the CJ in the morning show we had the pleasure of having Hilarie Burton in studio to talk about life and her and her husband Jeffery Dean Morgan's work with the Astor House. She was so nice to hang out with and after we got done talking on the air, we wanted to grab a quick picture and of course I take the picture and it turns out crappy.....


Now if that didnt suck enough, fast forward to last night at Billy Joe's. We do country line dancing every Tuesday night down in Newburgh and last night started just like most Tuesday's until around 8 p.m. when another famous person showed up.

Ben Stiller showed up with a few friends and had dinner. Ben asked not to be bothered while they ate dinner but said that he would take a few pictures with fans after they were done eating.

When they got done eating and all, they got up and started to walk towards the doors to leave when I jumped into action. I ran over quick and started to walk next to him and asked if I could grab a quick picture. He said yes but I had to be quick, so I opened the camera on my phone and snapped away and wouldn't you know it? CRAPPY PICTURE.

Ben Stiller

I had so many people ask me in the last 24 hours if that was really him? YES, that is really Ben Stiller and yes, he was there! LOL!

I think I need to learn how to work the focus on my phone or I need to just stop taking pictures.

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