Rick and Morty's third season just wrapped up on Adult Swim, but Hudson Valley fans will soon be able to get their fix somewhere else. 

In the season premiere of the hit animated show, Rick goes on a long, long rant about trying to get some McDonald's Szechuan Sauce, a dipping sauce the fast-food company hasn't made since the late '90s, and even then only as a tie-in to the Disney movie Mulan. It was a funny joke made funnier by the fact that practically nobody outside of the Rick and Morty writers room even remembered the Szechuan Sauce, and suddenly every fan was petitioning McDonald's to bring it back.

Well, you asked, and McDonald's answered. After sending series creator Justin Roiland a jug of his own and distributing some to a select few fans (one of which sold on eBay for something like $4,000 - seriously), McDonald's is bringing back back Szechuan Sauce for one day only in select stores - and one of them happens to be in Poughkeepsie.

It's part of a larger sauce celebration to promote their new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, and a bunch of different dipping sauces will be available - but McDonald's clearly knows what Rick and Morty fans want, and makes sure to mention the Szechuan Sauce ahead of all the others. The Poughkeepsie location is the one on Main Street, and it will only be available this Saturday, October 7th while supplies last. So get out there, Rick and Morty fans! That's (buuuurp) w-what it's all about! That McNugget sauce! It's my one-armed man, Morty!

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