During the holiday season and cooler months we tend to spend more time home. It goes without saying that creating a warm and inviting space truly makes it feel like cozy. There's something about holiday décor that really can lift our spirits and make us happy.

I love decorating for Christmas. With all of the snowmen, ornaments to choose from and holiday arrangements, it makes this time of year feel more special.

While we decorate our homes, we can also support local businesses which I believe is important all year long but especially around the holidays. 

Do you hang a wreath on any of your doors? Some say that it can make a great first impression upon arrival. Others would also agree that a Christmas wreath represents everlasting life.

Here are a few places in the Hudson Valley to purchase holiday wreaths and arrangements while supporting  local businesses.

Kalleco Nursery Corp, Tillson

Be sure to grab your holiday wreath here and check out their Hudson Valley themed candles, local art pieces and birdhouses for our wildlife friends. They also have floral arrangements available for different occasions and holidays. I need to stop by to take a look at their indoor plant selections.

Find out more here.

Hudson Valley Floral, Pleasant Valley

There's something about flowers that can truly brighten your day. Hudson Valley Floral has a large selection of arrangements for any occasion. From birthdays to special moments and holiday related selections, there's something for everyone. If you want to add more than just flowers, there are gift baskets available. 

Take a look at their Christmas selection from bouquets to wreaths here.

Green Cottage, High Falls

From flowers to wreaths, jewelry and more, it's hard to choose just one thing. Known as the "Hudson Valley's Award Winning Florist", there's much to see even from an online view. This could very well be your one-stop shopping for any occasion. If you want to throw in bath salts and room sprays, the option is there.

Shop their large collection here.

Will you be giving a gift of a holiday wreath or arrangement this year? I'm excited to find a perfect wreath and hang it everyone to see. Cheers!

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