Has it seemed like lately more of your friends are asking for recommendations for tattoo ideas and stellar local tattoo artists? It’s definitely not your imagination because they are!

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It’s almost like once we stepped out of the pandemic, New Yorkers decided the time was right to do so many of the things they’d been thinking about doing for years but had never gotten around to – getting a tattoo is one of those things.

Google searches for “tattoo ideas” has increased by 350 percent in the last 12 months in the United States and SINGULART took a deep dive into Google search volume data to find out what tattoos our friends and family are getting.

The study found that nationwide, the most popular tattoo that people are requesting at tattoo parlors is that of a butterfly. Maybe to remember loved ones lost in the last few years?

Digging even deeper, SINGULART decided to find out what tattoos are the most popular ones New Yorkers have gotten in the last year and no surprise, the butterfly is the most popular. On average, “butterfly tattoo” gets 12,100 Google searches every month from New Yorkers.

The next popular tattoo New Yorkers are getting is a rose, with an average of 8,100 New Yorkers Googling rose tattoo designs each month.

Rounding out the top three most requested tattoos by New Yorkers is dragon tattoos which receive an average of 6,600 Google search requests each month.

The rest of the top Google-searched tattoos by New Yorkers are flowers, snakes, matching tattoos, lions, tribal, traditional, skull, moon, and angel.

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