You see people all of the time without their headlights on, when they are using their windshield wipers in the rain. Is it against the law? Well, I was under the impression that it was. Wasn't it an item on the drivers written test? 

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So, let me ask you this? When are you supposed to have your headlights on, according to New York State law? You know, the actual law?

While the person who probably The person who just recently passed their road test will probably know this, but think of it as a refresher for the rest of us.

Here is what New York State has to say about when you must use your headlights:

The law requires you to use your headlights from one-half hour after the sun sets to one-half hour before the sun rises, when visibility is less than 1,000 feet (300 m) and when you use your windshield wipers to clear rain, snow or sleet. Turn your headlights on at dawn, dusk and in fog.

Do you use your headlights when you are supposed to or do you just simply forget? While we are at it, do you think that it should also be made into a law that you must clean your car off after a snow storm? So you you won't unknowingly drop huge chunks of snow onto other drivers or limit your own visibility?

What other traffic laws should be created and enforced? Share them with us.

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