As if you needed another reason to pick Champagne as your beverage of choice this Thursday night we have managed to find you one. The National Days Calendar people can't determine the origin of this National Day but they can declarer it and tell you how to celebrate.

This Thursday is not only the last day of 2020 which that in itself is celebration enough but this Thursday is also something else. Obviously, we all know that if this Thursday is the last day of the year it is also New Years Eve, a night when champagne flows but December 31st is also National Champagne Day.

Champagne is one of those drinks that is well branded with our end of year celebrations which may be why this beverage from France is celebrating a National Day on Thursday, December 31st. What I didn't really know until reading up on the National Day is that only sparkling wines from the Champagne Region of France can be called Champagne. Everything else falls under sparkling wine or Prosecco.

I actually prefer some of Champagne's sparkling cousins from Italy and our very own California. I tend to be more of a prosecco fan but that may also be because I have rarely had Champagne. I'll be honest it is usually due to price. Champagne can be pricey. So whether you go with the OG or like me you pop the top on an Italian version or maybe you go with sparkling cider enjoy Friday night. Celebrate with friends virtually and Happy New Year. Bye Bye 2020 here comes 2021.

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