Not again!

As parts of the Hudson Valley are still digging out from Friday's record breaking storm, some of the forecasts are already calling another winter weather event bu mid-week.

Meteorologists are watching a front that is expected to move in from the west coast and gather steam. The approaching disturbance is expected to develop into some sort of costal storm by Wednesday.

The big question is exactly where it will hit and how strong it could be.

This is when you start to hear about multiple weather models which all attempt to calculate the forecast several days out. All the models will differ as far as exact strength and location of the approaching storm. some of the weather models cll for "significant snowfall", while others say the storm won't be nearly as strong or windy as Friday's.

The European model says the storm may even miss most of the Hudson Valley.

Of course, it's still a ways out so no one's going to call the forecast with one percent accuracy at this point. Predicting these events is difficult, as the last storm brought only a few inches of snow to some parts of the Hudson Valley, while slamming others with two feet of snow.

We'll keep you updated.

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