The popular River Station Restaurant in Poughkeepsie is closing for a few months.

We'll need to say a sad goodbye for a little while to another gem in the Hudson Valley. but at least this time it's only temporary.

Despite social distancing measures and now even a vaccine available the tally of COVID business casualties continues to grow. It's been about a year since the first case of the coronavirus was identified in New York and most of us believed it would be over by this point. It's been a tough year for many businesses in the Hudson Valley and especially restaurants. Many of us have struggled financially over the past 10 months and that means we're dining out less than we did before.

This has caused a financial strain on local restaurants but some eateries have decided to close temporarily in an effort to keep their staff and customers safe. A popular restaurant in Poughkeepsie will be closing their doors for an undisclosed date for safety reasons.

According to a post on their Facebook page, the River Station Restaurant stated that starting on Feb.1, the will no longer be operating until sometime in the spring season.

River Station Restaurant stated that it was not an easy decision for them to make.

They also took the time to thank their loyal customers in the post for support during these tough times in the post as well.

Though you won't be able to dine at River Station Restaurant anytime you'd like until some time in the spring they did note that they will be able to host private parties. You can contact them by email at

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