So you hear often about people who have 'missing money' or 'unclaimed money' that is being held for them with the state.

How is it possible that someone could have money coming to them and they don't know it? Have you moved a few times over the last say 10 years? Maybe a utility company didn't have the correct forwarding address to send you your refund?

Yes, it sounds too good to be true and for most people you will not find your name on these lists. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean you shouldn't include a quick search through the New York State website about once per year, just in case. Hey you never know.

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There is always a chance that you could have money just sitting there waiting for you. It's Legit. Forgot about a utility bill deposit? Phone company owe you money? Did you move often and maybe not give some one your forwarding address?

Go to the NYS Comptroller Unclaimed Funds Site and type in your last name and first initial. Then look. If your name and address comes up you can start the process to get your money back by filling out a form. You will need to give them some basic info to prove that you are the person that had that account, etc. Look at it this way, if it is you, and that is your money, a little proving that you are you is no big deal, right?

If you really like putting your name into a search engine to search not only New York State, but about 12 other states at the same time, you can search a multi-state missing money search through, Missing 


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