When you think of 2018, what word pops into mind to describe the world? If you take into the account the nature of the news and media coverage that flashes before you on your TV or computer screen every day then it may not be the most flattering term.

It feels like there's nothing but negativity and hate sometimes.

It unfortunately seems we are more divided than ever. Sometimes even the most innocent news posts online can erupt into heated political debates in the comment sections with one side blaming the other for all of society's ills, before the whole debate eventually devolves into petty back and forth name calling

Whether it's left vs right, rural vs big city, white vs brown etc. the public can't agree on anything or get along. Some people are just looking for a fight.

That is why the UK based Oxford Dictionary has declared that the word TOXIC the best (or worst) word to sum up the human experience in the year 2018. Do you know people that you would consider toxic at work, or even in your own family?

The kind of people that seem to project a poisonous effect to everything they are involved in?

 Oxford defines the word toxic as: noun. mass noun. The quality of being toxic or poisonous. 'the toxicity of a drug depends on its dosage' count noun 'no toxicities or adverse reactions have been reported

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