We ❤ New Paltz!

A new week and a new Wolf hometown of the day. Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we give our homemade "Wheel o' Towns" a spin to select the one town we are going to celebrate all week long. We welcomed Sue of the air today to give the wheel a spin and after spinning, it landed on the town of New Paltz, which is one of our favorite towns in Ulster County.

We learned that back in 2010 it had just over 14,000 residents and with the Hudson Valley explosion in real estate the last few years, I would guess that's probably doubled since then...LOL! New Paltz holds a special place for me as I spent many a nights in various bars doing the DJ thing. I've met so many friends over the years at places like Cuddy's, Murphy's (Foleys) just to name a few.

I think most of us have a "one night in New Paltz" story to tell..LOL! I'm holding back because most of my stories would get me in trouble today and I don't know if my kids might find this article and read it. So I'm going to stop now and share some of the things that you guys have shared with us about New Paltz. Is there one thing we should try out, or a place we should go if we ever find ourselves in New Paltz? Call or text us anytime through the Wolf app.

Here a quick tour.....

A Tour of New Paltz

Some of our favorite and not so favorite things about New Paltz, New York.

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