Take a virtual tour of the all-new Flores Tapas Bar which opened this past year in Wappingers Falls.

If there's one thing the Hudson Valley loves its food and after spending a year eating at some of our favorite and comfortable spots so it is exciting to welcome new and unique locations.

A brand new restaurant opened this year in the Hudson Valley and both the restaurant and the food look stunning.

You've more than likely already seen Chef Austin Flores serving up food all over the Hudson Valley out of his awesome food trucks. His culinary skills are now parked at a more permanent home in Wappingers Falls in the Hannoush Plaza.

The Flores Tapas Bar opened in April of 2021.

Tapas are delicious and if you're not familiar they are a Spanish dish that is made to be shared. They are like larger appetizers. Though this place is just opening, tapas are nothing new to the Hudson Valley. There are a few places to enjoy them in the locally but not many so the meal is still somewhat unique. Though these restaurants do serve tapas they also serve larger entrees as well.

If you haven't made it to Wappingers Falls' newest restaurant, then there's a simple way to hold you over. Below is a small virtual tour of the new restaurant along with pictures of their food.

Sneak Peek Inside the New Flores Tapas Bar in Wappingers

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