I remember my parents telling me how they worried that I would ride my bike where I wasn't supposed to or being out to late and not hearing my mom yell to me to come in.  Now, as parents, there are so many different things to worry about and one of them, probably the main one if you have little ones is keeping them safe in the digital world.

We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even just the internet that even as an adult I'm sometimes shocked at some of the things I come across.

Happening today in Port Jervis at the Port Jervis Free Library at 138 Pike St at 6pm is the 'Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital World: A Parents Guide' workshop that will provide parents with the tools needed to keep their kids safe in this age of digital.

Conducted by the Orange County Juveniles Unit, this free of charge event is perfect to parents and soon to be parents.


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