Did you know there was actually a contest for America's best restroom? Well, now you do. In a time when the news is bad, and we don't when things will ever get back to fully normal, there is some good news. Maybe. One restroom right here in the state of New York is the running as one of the nations's best.

The NY Post is reporting that the restrooms at the JFK AirTrain stop in Jamaica, Queens have been named as a finalist in the running for the best place to make a pitstop. The bathroom only opened in October 2019, so it hasn't experienced the wear and tear of other more unfortunate facilities you may come across. One official says that this pristine palace is "equipped with modern designs and are nearly three times as large as the previous restrooms, with wider stalls to account for travelers’ luggage” .

Inside the stalls, the Post says you'll see by murals of the New York City skyline. The stall walls are even painted in blue and gold, which are the colors of New York state. You'll fell like you're relieving yourself inside a giant license plate.

Public bathrooms can be gross to begin with, and during a pandemic, we want to remain extra vigilante. Do not fear. The Port Authority has assured everyone that cleanliness is one of their top priorities.

The Port Authority is committed to making investments like these at AirTrain JFK to give travelers a modern, 21st century customer experience.

You can vote now for best bathroom. You have until Monday, October 19 to cast you ballot.

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