Some residents who live in Poughkeepsie and other parts of Dutchess County have never even been to these places or they just simply forget about them all together.

The Hudson Valley region of New York is geographically unique. One of the things that make it different than the other other regions is its vastness. The region has so many large cities and towns spread very far a part from each other. Most of us share the common belief that Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, Rockland, Putnam, Sullivan and Westchester are the counties that make up the Hudson Valley.


It doesn't sound very big and it might not look very big on a map but the miles you could cover by traveling in this region are overwhelming.

It's 41 miles from the center of Poughkeepsie to the center of Middletown. The time it would take to cover that distance is clocked at just under an hour. The drive can be exhausting and it's one reason many people of Dutchess County don't adventure very far past the Newbugh-Beacon or the Mid-Hudson Bridge often.

Have you ever been interested in going to an event in the Hudson Valley until you hear where it is and then you decline? I think most of us have. Traveling to certain cities in the Hudson Valley takes a serious commitment.

Are the people of Dutchess and even Putnam County content in their own bubble? Is it like that West of the Hudson River as well? I wonder what cities they forget about from time to time?

7 Cities West of The Hudson River That Poughkeepsie Residents Forget Exist

The Hudson Valley region is vast. Many residents in Dutchess County live in their own bubble. Here are some big cities in towns west of the Hudson River that are often overlooked or forgotten about entirely by people who live east of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge.

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