Winter will be here before you know it, have you done these things to get your house ready for winter weather?

Every person will have a few things different on their list of things to do, but these are the most popular homeowner 'must-do's' before the snow flies. Do yourself a favor and get them done now, so you are sitting pretty when the time comes (and the stores are out of salt):

  • How ever you heat your house, stock up on it now. If you use wood, pellets, oil, or propane, contact your company to get it now. Most will also be offering it at a savings for those stocking up in September through the first week of October. Not sure if they offer a savings, ask them.
  • Check your snow removal supplies. Still have that shovel or do you not remember that it broke in March? Double check that and while your at it, how much salt do you have for your sidewalks? Remember a few years ago when everyone was out? Make sure to get some now, stash it in the garage or basement and then you have it. Also, check the oil in your snow blower and start it to make sure that it starts.
  • Have an extra gasoline container on hand that can be used in your snow blower or in your generator.
  • Clean out your gutters (or have someone do this for you). Debris in gutters can lead to them freezing with water, which can ultimately lead to ice dams which can cause damage to your house.
  • Check your windows and doors for drafts. For the windows that will be remaining closed during the winter, go ahead and invest in one of those plastic shrink kits and insulating curtains to help protect against heat loss and drafts.

Do you have suggestions that we should add to this list? Let us know. Thanks.

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