If you have a "soft" stomach, BEWARE...LOL!!!

If you have a pet at home most likely at one time or another your pet has done something so gross that you had to do everything within in your body NOT to get sick because of it. It happened to me over the weekend with my new puppy "Smalls" and before I explain, I am taking full responsibility for it happening..LOL.

Here is what happened. I took him outside like I do a bunch of times every day, to take care of his business and at some point during his walk, he puked in the grass. I'm not sure if he ate something he wasn't supposed to or what, but he cleaned out his entire system on the grass.

Now I was happy that he waited to do it outside instead of in my house, the problem is that I forgot about it, and the next time we went out for a walk, I took a phone call during the walk and he wound up eating all of his puke while I was busy on the phone. When I realized what he was doing, he had already ate all of it.

I had to do everything within me to not get sick myself...LOL...so I took him inside and gave him a few treats and begged him to drink some water to get the puke smell out of his mouth. After a few minutes of begging him, he drank a bunch and the smell went away BUT I still cant get it outta my head!

Has your pet ever done something like this? We asked and got some of the best stomach turning stories ever. So BEWARE....LOL.

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