So we were looking around the Hudson Valley and trying to decide if there was a place we should check out in Kingston, NY. There is a great deal of history (the first capital of New York) plus a great vibe for beer, food and music, so here are the places that we found on Yelp, that allegedly represent where people are dining and checking out in Kingston.

  1. Diego's Taqueria, St John St, Kingston. A few of the things mentioned by many reviewers are the tacos in general, but specifically the beet tacos and the margaritas.
  2. Ole Savannah Southern Table & Bar, Rondout, Kingston. Reviewers mentioned the view from the deck, there were quite a few reviews that mentioned that times to get food were lengthy and the food was 'just ok.' Maybe these guys are hurting for workers, like a lot of other places?
  3. Boitson's, Front St, Kingston, Not too many recent reviews, but there are a few that mention the food is 'ok' but the service is lacking. Positive reviews do mention the oysters, and the menu variety.
  4. Savona's Trattoria, Broadway in Kingston. Some of the reviews mention the Red Hook location. Most reviewers are fairly happy with their experience, with a solid number of 4 and 5 star reviews. There are one or two that are quick to share their 'lackluster experience.'
  5. PAKT, Broadway, Kingston. Only open Friday through Monday. Most reviewers say positive things, one or two mention stressed or rude service staff, but the owner was super quick to respond to those reviews to attempt to make things right.

Any time you look at a site that allows people to give their "honest reviews" you will always get a complete variety of  them, from the great to the abysmal, so you have to take everything with a grain of salt and decide for yourself.  That is the true measure.

When checking out a new place, ask your friends, the ones whos opinion that you actually trust. Then check out the menu. Do you see anything that you would actually like to eat? Are the prices listed on the online items? Be prepared for the online menu to not be the exact menu you see the day you dine with them. Often business owners do not have the ability to update their website as quickly as they would like.

Also see if you need to make a reservation or if there is a day of the week that might be less busy than another day. Perhaps you can choose to visit them on that "quiet" day of the week?

Let us know if there is a restaurant in the Kingston area that you really enjoy. The above restaurants made the list because they had the most Yelp reviews, not that they had the highest rated Yelp reviews.

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