This time of year there's always a struggle. Trying to stay off the naughty list is tough, especially with all these outside influences straying us from the nice list.

The Hudson Valley, while a lovely place to live, does have a few spots that could possibly make you risk it all and end up on the one place you don't want to be this holiday season. Santa's Naughty list.

Now when we say naughty list, we're not saying these places are bad necessarily. Just that they may cause some turmoil at home or put you in a situation with the law that might include some kind of fine. But I digress.

While they are a little naughty, they are still perfectly fine Hudson Valley establishments that any adult can enjoy.

Below you will find five places that may tempt you into some unbecoming behavior, but then again it could make for a really good time.



  • AlexRaths

    The Mansion

    This is probably the only "steakhouse" you'll leave with glitter on your face. The Mansion is a popular spot in the Hudson Valley for guys and girls to get away from the stresses of the world for a while. That being said, you might just want to be upfront with your significant other before you tell them you're "getting steaks with the guys." This ain't no Outback Steakhouse.

  • Kmonroe2


    Alright, this one could go either way. The popular Hudson Valley adult toy store can either get you into some trouble OR bring some happiness into your life. The decision is yours. Choose wisely.

  • encrier

    Tilted Kilt

    Now that we're writing this, the most naughty thing probably happening at the Tilted Kilt is the Giants trying to bench Eli Manning. The Irish/Scottish themed restaurant plays all your favorite New York sports teams along with some delicious bar food to go along with it. The Tilted Kilt might get you on nice list if you play your (gift) cards right.

  • Vstock LLC
    Vstock LLC

    Monticello Casino and Raceway

    Santa will probably not be too thrilled with you if you blow all your money at the slots this year. But hey, it could work in your favor. You could be leaving with a couple thousand bucks.

  • LouieBaxter

    Stony Kill Falls

    Stony Kill Falls located in Ulster County is a beautiful swimming hole with some amazing views. It even has an 87ft waterfall. So how could this place get you on the naughty list? Well, it also goes by another name... "The Nudist Pool." Apparently, it's the hot skinny dipping spot in the Hudson Valley.

    10 out of 10 would not recommend taking a dip in during the month of December.

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