We've all known our share of bad drivers. But are they as bad as this guy?

In an unbelievable feat, a 25 year-old year man from North Lindenhurst, NY somehow has had his drivers license suspended sixty five times. If you average that out over the course of his entire life, that's 2.6 suspensions per year.

Of course, he wasn't driving when he was born, making this story even more preposterous.

NBC reports that the man was arrested Friday morning in West Babylon. The car he was driving had been reported stolen, according to NBC. 

Upon investigation, it was revealed the young man had his license suspended sixty five times.

Stuff like this happens more than you may think. In 2016, a Brooklyn man was pulled over on I-81 after being clocked going 92 m.p.h. The man had 57 license suspensions, and 20 separate revocations.

However, a 21 year-old man from Suffolk County has them both beat. In a 2017 article, it was revealed he as had his license suspended a whopping 81 times.

Now you may be asking yourself how does one have their license taken away that many times? A police spokeswoman says suspensions happen after the driver fails to pay fines or appear in court to answer charges. So an unpaid summon would lead to another suspension. Guess that's how they rack them all up so fast?

Speaking of suspensions, how about this guy? In 2013, a Bay Shore man with 50 suspensions was arrested. Recognize the shirt he's wearing? Yes, that t-shirt he's wearing is our sister station, WRRV. We are all very proud.

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