Hurricane Ida left a path of destruction across Louisianna and the east coast during the first week of September, even affecting parts of the Hudson Valley.

The hurricane took 82 lives in Louisiana according to CBS News and 52 people died throughout New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland as reported by CNN. 

Sadly, when people in Louisianna were evacuating their homes they left their pets behind. Thankfully animal rescues and organizations like the Ulster County SPCA are around to give these animals somewhere safe to lay their paws.

The Ulster County SPCA shared that the 18 dogs and cats they rescued from Hurricane Ida have made landfall in the Hudson Valley. They shared the following on Facebook:

Our 18 #HurricaneIda dogs and cats have arrived from Louisiana!! These sweeties will all be available for adoption soon, so keep an eye on our website, Here's a quick sneak peek at just a few who made the trip to safety and the opportunity to be your #NextBestFriend!


While the dogs and cats are finally safe, they still need somewhere to stay. The Ulster County SPCA is actively looking for foster homes and forever homes for the 18 new additions to the Hudson Valley.

Ulster County SPCA
Ulster County SPCA

The Ulster County SPCA was full before the Hurricane Ida rescue, but they couldn't turn these sweet faces away. If you're interested in fostering or giving these furry friends their forever home visit

Pets Alive in Middletown also took part in helping out with Hurricane Ida's rescue. They took in 26 dogs and cats that were placed in overcrowded shelters in the south.

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