A restaurant just steps away from the Metro North station in New Hamburg is going to see a new life.

The cafe at 10 Main Street has seen quite a bit of turnover since it was fist built in 1852. Formerly the location of Jade Cafe, the building most recently was the home of Lina's Deli and Catering. After sitting vacant for quite some time, the small restaurant is currently going through a transformation and will soon reopen as something completely brand new.

Cafe Con Leche has announced on their Facebook page that they would be taking over the building and turning it into a cafe and restaurant. If the name sounds familiar, Cafe Con Leche currently operates the small snack bar located on the platform of the New Hamburg train station.

The small business has been receiving rave reviews for their authentic Puerto Rican food including Pernil; a slow-roasted, marinated pork and homemade Puerto Rican fritters called Alcapurria. Their menu of sandwiches also routinely sell out, including the Tripleta (Triple Threat) which includes pork shoulder, steak, ham and swiss topped with their homemade homemade "MayoKetchup" sauce.

According to the owners, the plan is to turn the building into an authentic Puerto Rican cafe and restaurant. Photos show new paint, cement work and other interior upgrades being made to the the historic property.

It's unclear when the restaurant will officially open, but the owners have announced that the restaurant is "coming soon" and have been occasionally shutting down their snack bar at the train platform to spend more time getting the new space ready. You can stay up to date on the progress of the new Cafe Con Leche location by following their Facebook updates.


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