If you grew up in the Hudson Valley then there's a good chance you worked at one of these places.

You love summer break when you're a kid. Once you enter the workforce the fun seems to slow down but that doesn't mean it has to stop all together. Especially if you work with other young people.

The last day of high school is quickly approaching and a new wave of Hudson Valley teenagers will be looking for their very first job. Do you remember where your was? Unless it was extremely miserable and you blocked it out of your mind there's a good chance that you do.

It's tough to forget your first job. It's easy to remember because you spent a very important time of your life there. These jobs may have shaped you and you might have made some life long friends there as well. You received paycheck and you probably had a little fun too.

You made minimum wage but it didn't matter because you had minimal responsibilities.

Here's a list of places where teens in the Hudson Valley always seemed to be employed throughout the past few decades. Sadly, some don't exist locally anymore and some may not exist at all but we'll never forget the good times we had there.

If we missed a place on the list that you feel needs to be on here feel free to message us and we'll be happy to throw it on here.

11 Places You Most Likely Worked as a Hudson Valley Teen

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