This list is stacked with major stars I bet you had no idea called the Hudson Valley their home when they were younger.

New York City is so densely populated that we started to see people flock here during the pandemic. It may have always been that way and we just never noticed it before. The Hudson Valley is one of the most gorgeous regions in the state and it's just a short drive from the big city. Maybe we take the Hudson Valley for granted but it really isn't that surprising that people would want to raise a family here rather than the busy city. Obviously most of these celebrities didn't stay in the Hudson Valley but it's still pretty cool to share their home city.

Just when you thought you knew almost everything about the area you'll be shocked to know that we've got some pretty big star power hailing from the Hudson Valley.

We've been seeing a lot recently about huge celebrities visiting or working in the Hudson Valley. What about the stars who are from here? The Hudson Valley is being referenced as the New Hollywood. It was actually kind of like Hollywood way before the this past year.

There are surprisingly a few major A-List celebrities who are from the area. There's a good chance one or more of these might be a surprise to you. How are their roots not talked about more? How do we not have buildings named after some of them?

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