Not sure what this means? Do we have anything to worry about?

Talk about coming back to work after being sick for a day and freaking out before you even get back in the studio. As I walked down the hallway leading to the Wolf studio this morning I was greeted with this on the door to get in.

Now before I went in, I peeked through the window to see if Jess was inside and she was so I walked in and asked her if she had any idea why we have a red X taped on the door. She said no, but was just as confused as me. Is it there because I was out sick yesterday? Is it COVID related?

Just like most of the world we are all dealing with our own stories of the possibility of being exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Jess had to quarantine for a while over the last few weeks and do the radio show from her apartment because she was kind of around someone who tested positive. She went and got tested right away and it came back negative but still had to stay home for a while.

I woke up feeling awful yesterday, headache, sore throat, a bit stuffy, so instead of going into work I stayed home and went and got tested again to make sure I was OK. Test came back negative for COVID and the flu so I'm good there, still not sure what caused the worst headache of my life.

Is this X because both Jess and I weren't feeling well over the last few days? I know some company's use the red x on trees when they want to cut them down. Are we being cut down.....HELP!

After some research and many emails, we found out that the X has been taped on our door because the powers upstairs have scheduled a deep cleaning for our studio.

WHEW!!! I just wish someone would have said something before both Jess and I had to have mini heart attacks this morning.....LOL!

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