If you're from Poughkeepsie or the surrounding area, these terms are part of everyday life. But they're all words that the fresh crop of college freshman have to get to know every year.

  1. Arterial - One of the main arteries of Poughkeepsie travel, you're not getting very far if you don't know what the arterial is. Also known as Route 44/55, the roads split as you leave town. Route 44 is the best way to get to Millbrook while 55 gets you to LaGrange. Either way if you travel far enough, they'll both take you to Connecticut.
  2. The Chance - A legendary rock club for many years, there aren't many venues like The Chance Theater. Kudos to Frank and his crew for keeping the scene going. And now our Halloween party plug; don't miss the WRRV Boo Ball with Joywave and more on 10/27.
  3. Aloy's - An Italian restaurant on Garden Street, they are well known for their thin crust pizza. Some say it's the best around. If you're from Pougheepsie, you've probably driven by it a bunch of times, maybe its time to stop in.
  4. Bardavon - What the heck is a Bardavon? Only one of the longest running concert venues in America. Originally opened in 1869, they're still putting on great shows today.
  5. CIA - Only in the Poughkeepsie area would someone say CIA, and the first thought that pops into their mind is NOT the Central Intelligence Agency. A world class cooking college, our satisfied bellies like it when graduates stick around and get jobs at local establishments.

Bonus Video: How not to use the new Poughkeepsie traffic circle. 

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