I can't think of something scarier that could happen to you. It turns out this is more common than you think.

I've been watching way too many scary movies because a zombies was the first thing I thought about. Of course the notion of a person coming back from the dead craving brains is utterly ridiculous. However, it isn't crazy to think that someone could come back from the dead. We've heard of people coming back to life after life. One of the most famous cases involved Nikki Sixx from Motely Crue. Medical technology can do some amazing things these days. We often here about people who are clinically dead and are resuscitated later by hospital staff. Some don't remember much but others have bizarre stories about what they claimed to see on the other side.

Smithsonian Magazine reports that about 12,000 people are wrongly declared dead every single year.

The experience would be scary enough if you woke up in a hospital surrounded by doctors. Imagine waking up in a mortuary surrounded by morticians. That's what happened to an elderly Long Island woman recently. According to Long Island, an elderly lady was pronounced dead at a funeral home she resided at was transported to a funeral home later that day.

She was 82-years old and her current health was not disclosed.

The Attorney General is reportedly looking into the incident.

This story also made me think about how The Simpson's did it first.

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