Do you know what this thing is? It might look like a harmless patch of dead leaved but there's something living inside and it is bad news for your home's outdoor landscape.

These things have the perfect camouflage. This thing is disguised so well that you would not even know that there's a bug inside of that cacoon.

One Hudson Valley resident had no idea what she was looking at but after posting the picture above on Facebook she quickly received a response from some bug enthusiast, green thumbs or homeowners in Hudson Valley region who have dealt with these before.

So what are they?

The cacoon in hiding is for a bagworm and they're bad news for conifer trees. The worm grows up to be a colorful moth. The larvae can often be found inside the leaves of trees and bushes. According to Orkin, they prefer to live in spruce, pine, and cedar trees. The pest eats and lives off of the leaves on the trees and can be extremely harmful to the plant. This can also cause them to look unsightly.

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